The Bleak Before

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The left-for-dead Falcon sits forlornly (Ford-lornly?) under the barn shelter... tired, dirty, neglected, and home to rodents and countless creepy-crawly things.  

After the Bird was wrecked in the 80's, it went to my dad, and then to my brother. As its condition deteriorated, it sat unused in my brother's front yard for a couple of years (WITH THE WINDOW DOWN!!! Three lashes for my brother), then was dragged under a barn shelter where it sat for many more years (Kudos to my brother... wait!). That's where it was when my brother gave it back to me.

We managed to get the engine started after replacing the carburetor and bypassing the fuel tank, placing a 5-gallon gas can in the trunk and plumbing to it with rubber fuel hose. Running on all of 5 cylinders, we drove it up and down the road in front of Daddy's house.

Parked under my brother's barn shed after spending many years as a work horse often rode hard and put up wet, it was covered in a layer of dirt, dust and spiderwebs. It still had some old stuff of daddy's in it, including an old sunfaded straw hat of my mama's he had tossed up on the rear deck. Somehow it seemed a kind of homage to the fact that this Falcon was a 'granny car' so we kept the hat on the deck after the resto. Funny story about the hat: after the resto, I invited my mom and dad to accompany us to nearby Chatham, Virginia to a cruise-in. After all, they'd both driven this car for many years, and I thought they'd get a kick out of riding in it again. Mom and Dad were in the back seat, and I asked my mom if she remembered the hat. After thinking about it for a while, she said she did, and put the hat on head. She wore it for the entire night, and as far as I know, she still has her long-lost hat.

But I digress: let's just say the bird was in a very sad state...everything dull, dirty, pitted, torn, scratched, and cobwebbed; a haunted version of what was once a fine little car.

These pictures aren't very good because all I had was 5 minutes before going to work and my camera phone.


This not-so-mighty hunter would starve!


The Bird, returning to its elements.


She needs a nose job!



Last inspection: 6 of 1998, parked sometime before this sticker expired in 1999.


A damaged door does you no good


tell me your future, 'cause right now it looks bleak

These later pictures were taken at Jim's shop after we moved it (with Alan's help - thanks Alan!!). Jim's camera is MUCH better! I only regret that we didn't take more 'before' pictures. Oh well... 


Paint turns into powder over time


pimples and pits


Wha' happend?  No horn?  


Like new, only used on Sundays by a little old lady... to pull up stumps.


rear view


not much better in front





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