JimG's R/T

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I bought my 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T from the original owner in 1981. A 440, 4-speed, Dana 60 car, I've derived a lot of enjoyment from it over the past three decades. It's been through a quite a few changes over the years, but these days it sports an aluminum-head 493 stroker with a Tremec TKO600 5-speed coupled to the original 3:54-geared Dana.

Next up for the Dodge is fuel injection. I'm taking the plunge, and am in the beginning stages of learning about Megasquirt. Plans are to have full sequential injection with coil-near-plug ignition. Initially, I had hoped for a winter 2013 installation and debug, but the more I learn, the more I need to learn. Being a realist, I'm now looking at a winter 2014 date. I'll keep you posted.  

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 Amelia's Falcon and my Dodge are quite the odd couple as they arrive at cruise-ins together.


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