Cruisin' Together

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I watched American Graffiti for the first time one rainy Saturday afternoon on TV in the 70's, a love-struck preteen hoping to glimpse Harrison Ford in something other than Star Wars.  I grabbed my heart, reeling in empathetic pain when he lost control of his car and stumbled away.  I swooned with disbelief when I realized that Cindy Williams was leaving him and going back to Ron Howard.   I watched that movie often on late-night reruns, the television the only light in my room. But as I watched it again and again, I started noticing someone (or something) else. 

Run to the Sun 2012

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Here is the Falcon in front of famous "Peaches Corner" in Myrtle Beach!

It was a long time coming!

We had attended the Run To The Sun show in Myrtle Beach for a few years with our friends Maggie and Brandon, Mitch and Sue, and Ivan.  We knew it would be fun to drive the Falcon to the beach, but it wasn't quite ready. The wheezing, smoking 144 coupled with the slipping 2-speed automatic transmission wasn't exactly confidence inspiring. But this year was different!

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  • Drop A Load (O-Matic)

    Larry DuBois Larry DuBois 30.04.2017 20:22
    Never knew this technology existed! Of course, I am new to Fords. My predicament is the opposite ...


  • Butch's Boneyard

    Robert McKiernan Robert McKiernan 03.11.2012 22:54
    The safe way to wrap your car around a tree - great pictures!