Run to the Sun 2012

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Here is the Falcon in front of famous "Peaches Corner" in Myrtle Beach!

It was a long time coming!

We had attended the Run To The Sun show in Myrtle Beach for a few years with our friends Maggie and Brandon, Mitch and Sue, and Ivan.  We knew it would be fun to drive the Falcon to the beach, but it wasn't quite ready. The wheezing, smoking 144 coupled with the slipping 2-speed automatic transmission wasn't exactly confidence inspiring. But this year was different!

We'd scored a decent 200 engine from Craigslist in August of 2011, and had promptly cleaned it, given it a "gasket overhaul", painted it, and plopped it in. Within a few weeks, the more powerful engine had finished off the tired FM-2 transmission, forcing us to stop procrastinating and install the C4 trans that we'd had in the shop for two years. 

We were ready!

The trip to Myrtle Beach (by far the Falcon's longest since her reincarnation from barn refugee to car) wasn't entirely without incident. We discovered that the upper control arm bushings (the only parts that weren't replaced when the front end was rebuilt... mea culpa) were shot, binding, and making an embarrassing racket while cruising the strip. We also discovered that a 3:20 rear gear with short tires isn't exactly the hot setup for highway driving. Otherwise, the old gal perfromed flawlessly, and there was a grand feeling of stellar accomplishment when, under its own power, the previously left-for-dead Falcon crossed the border into Myrtle Beach. 

Joining an endless line of snorting, growling, revved-up muscle cars in the Thursday night parade up and down Ocean Boulevard... while driving a prim and proper little old lady car, was a real hoot! The pedestrians, who'd been encouraging everyone else to "light 'em up", merely gave us a friendly smile and wave as we idled silently past, an homage to times past.

After the show ended, we hung around the beach for a few more days. The Falcon took us to our usual haunts: Brookgreen Gardens, Russells Seafood Grille, and Seven Seas Seafood to purchase the makings of our own Seafood Pasta!

Coming home is always a bummer, but we followed through on another long-standing plan: we stopped at a restored Esso station in Gallivants Ferry, SC, and took pictures of the Falcon in front of period-correct gas pumps and fixtures. Ah, if only we could have filled up with $.36/gallon gas!

Here are a few more pictures from the 2012 Run To The Sun.

We're ready for Run To The Sun in 2013! Our entry form has been mailed, and hotel reservations were made on Cyber Monday (we just love a deal!) New upper control arm pivots have been installed, banning the obnoxious squeaking noises to the dustpan of our memory. The Bird now sports a 4-lug Maverick rear end with a 2.79 ratio, making highway driving more pleasant. We also have high hopes for an increase in gas mileage.

See you at the Beach in March!


Parked in front of Russell's Oyster Bar, one of our favorite places to eat, drink & be merry!  Russell himself frequently visits and has gotten to know us pretty well, and our favorite bartender tells jokes while serving us the best food at the beach!

Here, at Dirty Don's, we get Happy Hour steamed oysters, mussells, clams, shrimp and pitchers of libations that would blow your head off!

A little jaunt down to the marshes for a photo op!

I've NEVER been able to behave myself ;)





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