Engine & Power Train

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We are no longer using the 170 cu. in. 6 cylinder that came out of the blue falcon Jim and I retrieved from Pennsylvania (which turned out to be a 144 wouldn't 'cha knowl).  I would have been be happy to keep the engine except for the extreme lack of power and the annoyance of the road pipe.  I wanted to be able to take a ride on the Parkway some day and it smoked like crazy at an idle.  I couldn't tell you how many times someone would shout through my open window to tell me my car was smoking.  My pat answer..."I told it to quit but there's just no reasoning with an addict!".  Mostly, I would usually just scowl, point to the hood and mouth " R O A D P I P E"  really slowly so the intelligence impaired could read my lips.

Anyhow, Jim and I have another engine now, a 200 cu. in. straight 6 from a 78 Fairmont that we found on Craigslist as well as a C4 transmission from Butch's Boneyard.  Together they have solved our R O A D P I P E woes.  In fact, we have since driven the bird up the Parkway and she didn't wheeze once.  Myrtle Beach got to see us too at the Run to the Sun Show in 2012.  A little more horsepower and one more gear.  Awesome!!


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    Larry DuBois Larry DuBois 30.04.2017 20:22
    Never knew this technology existed! Of course, I am new to Fords. My predicament is the opposite ...


  • Butch's Boneyard

    Robert McKiernan Robert McKiernan 03.11.2012 22:54
    The safe way to wrap your car around a tree - great pictures!