Let's Dish!

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When the Falcon finally returned to me, she did so looking a little less than fresh.  She was wearing a set of hubcaps from an old Galaxie which, while period correct, didn't do a thing for the her looks or character.  I remembered the shiny set of simple round caps she came to me with back in 1981 and wanted to find another set.

 However, finding a good set of undented, unrusted, halfway passable dog-dish caps is not so easy!



 A Falcon 'cum Galaxie!  This mis-match was NOT made in heaven.

In the end, these hubs came all the way from down under!  After scouring eBay Motors in the US, I went looking a little farther away and ended up on the other side of the earth on eBay Motors Australia.

Now, in case you don't know, Australia still makes and sells Falcons!  In fact, they are still very popular there, and many of the parts that fit the Australian versions will also fit the US version.  So, with a lot of faith and little hope, I sent off my payment and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Overseas shipping sucks.

But when they finally came...

They were shiny.

They were undented.

They were flawless.

I was thrilled.

The final touch?  A little red enamel paint to highlight the F O R D and give her a little polish!  She's styling now and these hubba hubba hubcaps are no worries mate!









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