Out of Sight

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A little history...

There was time "in the middle" where little Falcon belonged to first my father, and then my brother, before coming back to me.

During that time, she was used as a mostly utilitarian vehicle and not afforded much tender care.


Jim and I suspect that a rainy day came upon which a soaking wet and rather unhappy driver (most like my brother) was exiting the...oh, we'll say, the grocery store, and found the trunk locked.

Imagine if you will, a frustrated growl and a forcible yank on the tiny chrome latch of the trunk.  Hear the tinny little clink of the already old and fatigued metal latch as it gives way and hits the pavement of the parking lot.  Swept away by the rain, it is forever lost as he fumes away.

Imagine my dismay.




But now Old Blue and online shopping come to the rescue! Latches for the doors and trunk both came from her. New fender emblems and inside emblems for the trunk latch came from Dennis Carpenter.

We completed the look by adding a chrome gas cap from eBay and rechromed boomerang on the hood.

Add some new chrome lettering from Dennis Carpenter and we've got one sharp dressed car!

And you can be sure...dead sure...that I will NEVER let the rain cause her pain again.


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