Do the 'Bump'ers

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Getting bumpers meant first having some good old ones and then ordering some new ones. But bumpers are pretty big! So what about shipping?

Never mind shipping. Let's go to Charlotte? We can have them arrive at the car show there and pick them up. Easy right?


Ok. Now here's the thing...that's one big car show. And that's one really long way to go from where you park to the middle of the action to where the vendors are (and you have the challenge first to find the one you're looking for).

Jim and I waded into the hive of people, cars and tools hot, sweaty and frustrated. The smell of tires, greasy food and gasoline hung in the hazy air like a olefactory sunblock. But all around us were the most amazing cars, and a plethora of buying opportunity. Jim can never resist the tool bins. There are always some little gadget or tool that he doesn't possess yet, that once had will be 'the tool for the job'. I can't tell you how many times the bin grazing he does has turned mind-numbing frustration into 'Eureka'. But I was so glad when we finally located our vendor.


125 rear

However, after exchanging proof of purchase for two tightly bundled lengths of chrome and steel, we had to face the trek back with the load on our shoulders.

It took three or four times as long to get back to the car as it did to get to the middle of the show, lurching and leaning from the metal weight we carried. We were constantly switching our yokes from side to side to relieve the deep depressions on our shoulders from the edges of those bumpers. Once loaded on and in the car, we collapsed in our seats with a duet of deep sighs. The trip home was an exercise in relief, exhaustion and vows to return some time when we could just 'look' and not 'lug'.


In the end though, after a little loving unwrapping, oohing and ahhing, and then just a little wrenching, Jim had those nice, shiny bumpers on the Falcon.

Like a young girl with a new necklace she finally looks like shes got the bling to go with her beauty.


Isn't she pretty? It was worth it.







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