Grilled to Perfection

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1b 1Falcon parts may appear to come a dime-a-dozen, but you'll never convince anyone of that if they are looking for a good grill.








Granted, the grill she had on wasn't HORRIBLE, but after new paint and other shiny parts, it started to looked dull, warped, and just unacceptable.  Another case of the 'might-as-wells' run rampant had me back on eBay looking for lost treasure.

152Now...anyone who owns a Mopar can tell you that grills don't come cheap.  I thought that perhaps my $10, $15, $20 per part car might be the exception to the rule...but NooOOOooooo.  A straight grill for a bird like this one will set you back nearly $800!  But as the scourge of eBay, I was determined to find the rare diamond in the rough, and sure enough I found it in the form of a remarkable straight grill with two little flaws nobody with a life would ever notice.

Just to be fair, I'll tell you what they are.

For a little less than $300, I got a grill that was missing a mounting tab and had one crack near the hood release slot that after polishing and painting the black detail all but dissapeared.  JimG covered the missing mounting tab with a big washer and it too, virtually disappeared!  

Our little Bird now has a straight and shiny grin that would rival any obnoxious rap singer with diamonds in his teeth.  Her grill is glowing and we didn't have to break the bank on braces!

SMILE WIDE little Bird and Stand Back Snoop Dogg!  She's on her way to Hollywood!!


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