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Being used as a farm truck didn't do my Falcon any favors. The seats were torn and saggy, covered in equally sad fitted seat covers. The door panels were ragged, the jambs rusty. The windows didn't go up and down properly and the glass was covered in a web of scratches.

In order to bring it up to par, we had to gut the entire thing.

We the instrument panel and AM radio from our blue falcon donor. We painted and repaired our door jambs, weather stripping, windows and panels, replaced the carpet, dome light and headliner, and eventually even the found some NOS upholstery.

My optimism I felt the first time I thought of fixing up this car soon proved tested by time and expense, but I can honestly say that it has been rewarded royally.  I can feel very proud when driving this bird around town.  She has an admiring public and she's ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille!


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    Robert McKiernan Robert McKiernan 03.11.2012 22:54
    The safe way to wrap your car around a tree - great pictures!