Floored Me

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The fine folks at Dennis Carpenter Restoration will tell you their Galaxie floor mats won't fit a Falcon. Maybe not; you decide.

Why settle for worn rubber when you can have plush under your toes? The answer? Don't!


We decided early on to change the stock rubber floor matting for a more luxe look by installing carpet and getting some really cool floor mats to go with! In fact, after installing the carpet, JimG, in a trip to Myrtle Beach that I was NOT able to attend with him, found and brought home some floor mats from a Ford Galaxie. They don't fit quite perfectly - there is a little bubble-gap next to the tranny hump - they look super cool and like they were meant to live on a Falcon floorboard just as happily. Check, check, check it out!


Stripped of it rubber remnants, the bird looks a little naked!  No worries, a nice warm coat of carpet is coming in!


Service with a smile!  

Vacuuming all the last little leaves and flotsam before putting the seats back in! Check out our way cool kick panel speakers from falconparts.com!


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