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I've seen custom upholstery, and I guess it's O.K. in some cars, but I had driven this car when it was pristine and I remembered very well the beauty of its original seats. I was determined to find the right replacement, preferably an exact match.  This is how I found Original Ford Falcon Interiors and their fine selection of NOS upholstery. 

Even Rick James wouldn't have tolerated THIS hideous upholstery job! NO THANKS!!

A quick visit to their web site, followed by a few email exchanges and a sample swatch or two confirmed that yes, they DID have the correct seat covers for my car! Whodathunkit? A few days later, they arrived at my front door looking better than expected.

The next dilemma: would we pay someone to install them for us or would we attempt it ourselves? After some back-and-forth indecision and watching some YouTube videos on upholstery, we decided that installing seat covers is something we should know how to do if we were going to enjoy old cars as a hobby. The decision wasn't without a learning curve: who would have thought that you could actually use real, bona-fide HOG RINGS - the kind you use on live hogs - to secure the seat covers to the frames? Ah, the things you learn from talking to strangers at cruise-ins!

We removed the seats from the Bird and began the work. A few hours later, we were done. We were sore from pulling, stretching, manipulating, pushing, tugging, forcing, pinching, fuming, and cussing, but we did it! The seat covers were on, and they were gorgeous!

Even though they may not be the flashiest seats at the cruise-in, the pride I feel in them is twice that of those who spent a fortune on someone else's folds and tucks!

Have a seat! 




We drove the Bird for a while with the seats (and sleazy J. C. Whitney seat covers) from the Blue Bird.


Here's the interior of my car when I first got it back from my brother. Daddy had these seat covers made some time in the 90's. By the time I got it back, driving the car felt like sitting on a public toilet.


When I first got the Bird in the early 80's, the upholstery looked like this. This is the rear seat from the Blue Bird.


 Copy of DSC 0034

The front seat... fit for the tush of a king!

 Copy of DSC 0039

New, reasonably-priced seatbelts from finished off the job.










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