AM (all the time)

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When the bird left the barn nest, there was a strange black box nestled in the dash that looked vaguely 70's and definitely out-of-place.  I'm pretty sure it was my dad who put the ugly FM stereo in, but it didn't even work now and it looked even worse than the static sounded when you flipped the power switch.


The blue bird from Pennsylvania, however, had a working and well-preserved original AM radio in it.  Even the knobs looked passable.  So, Jim, with his talent for all things electrical, took on the challenge of transplanting it. 


Luckily, whoever put the FM in didn't butcher the dashboard to do it.  Jim was able to slide it out and slide the old AM right on in.  Not a mark to show it was ever any different!  And it works!  

On some nights when it's clear, even in the country, I can drive the roads listening with a nostalgic ear to AM voices in the dark, pretending I'm on my way home from a drive-in or an all night diner.  

AM Radio is just another word for time machine.





I (JimG) have worked on and off in radio since high school. Now is one of the "on" times... you can catch me almost every Saturday from 11 AM - 4 PM (when I'm not taking the day off to attend a car show) on WBTM radio in my hometown of Danville VA. Not near Danville? No problemo; just check out our interwebz stream here. My radio bio here. See you on the radio!


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