Blue Bird

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Our project obviously was going to require a lot of parts! So we decided that one way to save time, money and trouble was to look for a parts car, another 63 four door that would act as an organ donor for the old bird. That car came in the form of a great little blue car located in Pennysylvania that I purchased through eBay.



This little car was a huge surprise! If it hadn't been eaten up with rust on the outside (salt on the roads we guessed), it would have been a great fixer-upper on it's own. 

What a gem! It had some of the most important and hard to find items in and on it in fantastic shape. We have yet to see door panels in the right shade of blue anywhere! Not to mention, the engine! the trim! The seats! All was in great running shape, no leaks (well, one minor oil leak), no smoke (except from the road pipe), electrical good (well, except for the fact that you had to jiggle the knob to get the headlights to work...well, it was just in good shape period. We drove it all the way home from PA without any trouble at all. The brakes pulled a bit, but that was manageable.

I drove it around town for about a month before we stabled it and started pulling it apart. It received so much great attention. People couldn't help but comment on it. Everybody had somebody in their family who used to have one just like it. It was a sad day when we finally started taking it apart.



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