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Some of the fun in this project has come from making little 'improvements'. While I have been determined to maintain the orginal character of the car, I haven't been averse to adding a few nice modern touches.

For one thing, Jim suprised me for Christmas one year with a brand new Alpine stereo! He has also been extremely industrious and proactive, adding a brake light switch and swaybar I didn't have before!

Future plans include rebuilding the 200 cu. in. straight 6 from a junked Mustang that we got from Tivvy's Autocraft and a 8-inch Maverick rear end with a higher 2.79 ratio to drop the RPM while cruising on the highway.

Stop It!

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Converting from single circuit to dual circuit brakes... because we like our windshield WITHOUT our faces thrown through it!
(article by Jim Gauldin)


That's the Sway

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DSC 0018a

Falcon Swaybar Install

We decided early on in this project that we wanted to improve the handling of The Bird. To maintain a stock appearance, we knew we wanted to stick with the original 13” wheels and narrow tires. While these skinny tires had a limitation on the amount of cornering grip we could get, we could still dramatically improve the cornering capability of the Falcon with the installation of some decent shock absorbers and some good aftermarket anti-sway bars. We had nice, new door handles, so we didn’t want to grind them off the first time we took an exit ramp at more than 30 MPH!

Turn On, Tune In

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I'm psyched! We've built a nice cruiser out of my very first car! It was fun back in the early 80's riding to and fro' in this very car, and it's fun to recapture those memories now that the restoration is complete. One thing that's different this time, though, is the addition of some serious tunes!

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