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Some of the fun in this project has come from making little 'improvements'. While I have been determined to maintain the orginal character of the car, I haven't been averse to adding a few nice modern touches.

For one thing, Jim suprised me for Christmas one year with a brand new Alpine stereo! He has also been extremely industrious and proactive, adding a brake light switch and swaybar I didn't have before!

Future plans include rebuilding the 200 cu. in. straight 6 from a junked Mustang that we got from Tivvy's Autocraft and a 8-inch Maverick rear end with a higher 2.79 ratio to drop the RPM while cruising on the highway.


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    Larry DuBois Larry DuBois 30.04.2017 20:22
    Never knew this technology existed! Of course, I am new to Fords. My predicament is the opposite ...


  • Butch's Boneyard

    Robert McKiernan Robert McKiernan 03.11.2012 22:54
    The safe way to wrap your car around a tree - great pictures!