Turn On, Tune In

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I'm psyched! We've built a nice cruiser out of my very first car! It was fun back in the early 80's riding to and fro' in this very car, and it's fun to recapture those memories now that the restoration is complete. One thing that's different this time, though, is the addition of some serious tunes!


My brother decided at some point to add a stereo and placed it in the dash.

Thank goodness he didn't have to cut the dash at all except for enlarging the dial holes slightly (easily covered), so we didn't have to worry about having to add a dash repair to our ever expanding list of improvements. Therefore, our attention went first to the rear deck.

The Falcon is a little to old to have factory-installed cutouts for 6 X 9 speakers in the rear deck, and the factory holes really lend themselves to the installation of smaller round speakers. But we aren't wimps! We weren't taking the easy way out - we were installing 6 X 9's, even if it killed us!

We started by enlarging the factory cutouts with a jig saw. Then, we made a filler panel out of 1/4" plywood that was 17" long, 7.5" on the small end and 9" on the large end. After we were sure the plywood filler completely filled the hole, we simply cut a 6 X 9" hole in the filler using a jig saw.
Once the completed plywood fillers were installed, we temporarily installed the rear deck, scribed the outline of the speaker cutouts on the under side, then removed the deck and made the speaker cutouts with a razor blade.A coat of paint for the deck, then we bolted it all together. Vola!! Those Alpine speakers look like they were born there!

We purchased these neat kick panels with speakers from Falconparts.com. 
We didn't want to butcher my unmolested dashboard to install the Alpine receiver in the dash.

Jim had installed the receiver in his 67 Coronet R/T under the dash using a neat plastic box designed for that purpose, so It was a no-brainer that we'd do the same on my Falcon.

radio deck metal cutout
panel dash kick new






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